About Me

Puppy Frodo on a snowy hike in Chatauqua, Boulder, Colorado

Curriculum Vitae: pdf

My name is Kelly Kochanski. I’m a Geology PhD student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I work with Robert Anderson and Greg Tucker. Before coming here, I did my undergraduate work in Physics and Earth Science at MIT.

My research aim is to advance our understanding of the processes which shape the surface of the Earth, and to improve the computational tools which we use to predict the way those processes respond to climate change.

Do you spend all of your time outdoors?

I spend most of my time reading papers, doing coursework, and programming. Right now, I’m learning to program in C++ so I can simulate turbulent air flow around my snow dunes.

Hiking above treeline on a snowy is just about the best thing in the world. I like to see, walk on, and understand the natural world. I also enjoy folk music, cooking (spicy Indian, please!), colorful earrings, my housemate’s puppy Frodo, and statistical analysis.


All of the photos on this site are from my camera, or attributed to someone else on the same trip. Many have been digitally altered. Maps, unless otherwise attributed, are from Google Earth. All text is my own.