Rivers and glaciers direct two of Earth’s most crucial resources, water and soil, from hilltops to cities and plains. The shapes of these drainage networks influence almost every aspect of human experience. My aim is to quantitatively understand the processes which form these landscapes, and to predict their ongoing evolution.

Conference papers

IJzermans, R.H.A., K. Pan, K. Kochanski, B.D. Jones, A. Thyagarajan, V. Ramohalli Gopala, B.W.H. van Beest, J.R. Williams, J.M.V.A. Koelman (2015). Simulating the effects of extreme waves on offshore structures using SPH. SPH European Research Interest Community International Conference, 10(8-1). [Article]

Invited Talks

K. Kochanski et al (Jul. 2016). Thermal properties of snow surfaces. Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM.

Conference Presentations

*Undergraduate student author

Kochanski, K., Hunke, E., Jeffery, N., Turner, A.K. (July 2017). Snow-on-sea-ice in the ACME Earth System Model. DOE Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship Program Review, Washington, DC. [Poster]

Kochanski, K., Tucker, G., Anderson, R.S. (June 2017). Self-organization of wind-blown snow and its effects on thermal conductivity. Community Earth Systems Model Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO. [Talk]

Bertholet, C.*Kochanski, K., Anderson, R.S. (May 2017). Snow bedform growth as a function of wind speed and snow age. Hydrologic Sciences Symposium, Boulder, CO. [Poster]

Kochanski, K., Hobley, D., Tucker, G. (Aug. 2016). The effect of grid resolution on a landscape evolution model. National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics Summer Institute, Minneapolis, MN. [Poster].

Kochanski, K., Herring, T. (Dec. 2015). Ice accumulation and the apparent seasonal variation of GPS stations in Alaska. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. [Poster].

Kochanski, K., Klishin, A. (Dec. 2015). IYPT problems teach high school students about teamwork and the scientific method. Poster, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. [Poster]

Marshall, H.L., N.S. Schulz, R. Heilmann, K. Kochanski (June 2012). Progress in soft x-ray polarimetry. American Astronomical Society Meeting, Anchorage, AK. [Researchgate]

Technical reports and theses

Kochanski, K. (2015). Ice accumulation and the apparent seasonal variation of GPS stations in Alaska. B.Sc. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. [Thesis]

Kochanski, K., Brent, K., Pershken, J. (2014). Deformation of the Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Piute Mountains in the Mojave Desert Region, CA. Report, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. [Report]